Time for another easy project that doesn’t take long, but will make your room that much cooler!, and plus it’s cheap! I saw a post by Mandi on Vintage Revivals, and thought I could do that, but with a twist.  I say with a twist because I didn’t have that much room, and also the larger brackets I had available to me at the hardware store were not that good looking. After I had made my own, I checked hers out again and realized hanging the brackets first, and then attaching the shelves may have been easier but I’m getting ahead of myself.





I really enjoy the contrast that natural wood has agains objects so I am keeping the shelves the way they are, plain. just as the my inspiration project did. I am however adding color to the front edge of the shelf to add just another layer of fun. You can use any colors you want.  I used some mistints from the hardware store. Mistints are great because they’re colors that were made wrong, or unwanted, and the stores will most likely give them to you for a low cost because they want to get rid of them. It’s a win win!





Just take your foam brush, dip the tip with not too much paint, and start from the top to the bottom. Don’t load the brush with a lot of paint because you will run the risk of paint getting on the top surface of the shelf and you don’t want that.




I forgot to share the first step which is measuring the space your shelves are going in, and cutting your wood to size (don’t have a saw? Hardware stores will cut it for you), or if you have a large space and are able to use a large piece of wood, go nuts. Depending on your piece of wood you will need the appropriate size brackets, obviously the bigger the shelf will be, the more stuff you’ll be able to pile on it, the heavier it will be, meaning the bracket will need to be able to support all of this. You can always consult someone at the hardware store if you have a question about the brackets (they’re stronger than you think though). You may also need some anchors for the brackets to go into the wall to ensure you won’t do any damage, again ask the hardware store peeps.

Measure out where your two brackets will go on the shelf.  Make sure they are placed evenly with each other. Drill. Once you have your first board done, you can use this as your template, since all the other shelves will be the same. Just take the other piece and drill through the already made holes. Just make sure you use the same board as your template for all of the shelves.





You can do this part two ways. Attach the brackets to the shelves with the machine screws and nuts, and then hang the whole unit. Or you could hang the brackets first, then attach the shelf to the brackets. Since I have a baby level (you need this to make sure your shelves aren’t slanted), I had to hang it with the shelf attached (Note: if you choose to do it this way, it helps to have a person there to hold the shelf as you drill. I did not have a friend there but I’m pretty skilled and held myself against them). You can space the shelves as close or as far apart as you want. I started at the bottom and went up, but then realized I did not want to go higher then the second shelf at the time, so I added the third to the very bottom, and it worked out well. Winging works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t – this time it did.










See? Easy shelf, for a lot of impact.



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