Since school is out and I now have soooo much time to do awesome cool things, I have another DIY to share.  This one you’ve most likely seen on a bunch of other sites, but mine is better – I swear.  Terra cotta pots are cool on their own, but add some paint and they’re 20 times better.  What’s the other great thing about terra cotta? They’re cheap, like two dollars for a medium size pot. Also, what’s more adult and impressive than having flowers or herbs or veggies growing?




For this project, I continued using my mistints that I picked up at the hardware store.  See how great mistints can be?



Decide on how you want your pot to look and tape.  I just did mine randomly.  When taping you want to make sure the tape is pressed firmly against the pot, otherwise paint will sneak under and ruin your day.  I know a lot of other DIY’s that do this say you have to put on a sealer first, and a bunch of other steps before you can paint, but no. Guys, these are two dollar pots, why invest more than that in them? Just brush that paint on, let it sit for a few minutes, and add some more paint.  It’s a good idea to use a foam brush, one because they’re cheap, two because there won’t be brush marks, it will look smoother.



Peel off that tape!



And just like that you have pots that went from $2 to awesome! Don’t mind the table, that hasn’t been worked on yet.


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