This is by far the easiest light you will ever make, and it’s cheap so that’s great too! Seriously though, after exploring a bit with the three main materials – dowels, eye hooks, and zip ties, I realize you can make any shape and do a whole lot with this same idea. I decided to make a light, but you could totally make a hanging planter, just some shapes to put on your coffee table, a hanging mobile, ANYTHING PEOPLE! SERIOUSLY ANYTHING!




(don’t forget about the drill and get really excited about doing this and then remembering you need the drill and have it be dead and have to wait like a whole hour to actual finish this. sigh)



steps 1_


First, decide on how large you want the whole shape to end up being, and that will determine how large each piece will be cut. I made each piece 8″ so the whole length is about 16″. Only measure out one piece at a time, and cut. Then measure again from the new edge. Do not, seriously don’t, measure out on the whole dowel 8″ apart because if you cut one piece slightly off, then the rest will continue to get shorter and shorter. Bad.

Once all your dowels have been cut (you’ll need 9 pieces for the diamond shape) then with a freakishly tiny drill bit drill a whole on each end of every dowel. Then screw in your eye hooks. Drilling just makes the screwing of the hook so much easier, but you could always try just hammering in the hook a bit and then screwing it in, but I don’t recommend it.



Now comes the fun part. Take two pieces and a zip tie, and pull and repeat until you have your first triangle. From here, take three more pieces and attach one hook, to a free hook of the already made shape. Once all three pieces are connected to the original triangle, pull them up and tie them together with one zip tie. You will now have a pyramid.


Repeat the same steps to create the bottom portion of the light. Take the lamp cord and tie it around the top of diamond, hang it, plug it in, and BOOM.



You have a new lovely hanging light. Do you have any other ideas about what you could make using these simple materials? Did I mention this whole project takes like half an hour? GO NUTS!


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